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Eyeglass Repairs & Modifications

We do more than exam and sales! The Eye Care Professionals of Tampa Bay, LLC can do most repairs and modifications to damaged or broken eyeglasses. A few of our most common repairs and modifications are list below.

Temple repair or replacement

We have a very large selection of temples from a variety of styles and sizes to replace your broken temples. DON’T throw away your broken glasses, simply bring them to us – and for a fraction of the cost, we can fix most temple problems.

Regular Maintenance

All metal and plastic frames, loosen, get out of alignment, get brittle or just break over time due to their constant usage. Just like any other mechanical medical device, they require routine maintenance and care.  All repairs are passed through our Quality Control Department for a final check that ensures the work reaches our own high standards and any specific requirements of the customer. The quality of every repair is very important and therefore each frame passes through a rigorous set of checks before it can be returned to the patient.