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Sports Vision

Sports vision is a sub-specialty of the eye care profession that has a two-fold purpose. One is to provide adequate eye protection; the other is to enhance the athlete’s performance.

Let’s first address eye protection. Unfortunately, there is far too little attention given to this important subject. The statistics are alarming: more than 600,000 sports and recreation related eye injuries occur each year – with approximately 13,500 resulting in permanent vision loss! Sadly, over 90% of these injuries could have been prevented simply by utilizing adequate protective eyewear. Ironically, many athletes will don protective gear such as a helmet, shin guards, etc., yet leave the most delicate part of their body, their eyes, unprotected. It is important to use quality protective eyewear that provides adequate eye coverage and is impact resistant with shatter resistant lenses.

Sports vision performance enhancement has two aspects: vision enhancing lenses and visual skills development specific to a particular sport. Specialized spectacle lenses and contact lenses exist to not only enable the athlete to see clearly (visual acuity), but to also enhance the athlete’s vision by satisfying the unique visual demands of their particular sport. Specialty sports lenses have been developed for all major sports including: golf, racket sports, water sports, snow sports, football, baseball, mountaineering, shooting and hunting - to name a few.

Sports Vision Training or visual skills development is a multi-faceted service performed by an eye care professional trained in that specialty. The training is tailored to the athlete for each particular sport. Sports Vision Training addresses the nine visual skills important in sports. Theses skills are:

  1. Dynamic Visual Acuity – ability to clearly see moving objects.
  2. Visual Concentration – ability to screen-out distractions.
  3. Eye Tracking or Pursuit – ability to follow a moving object.
  4. Eye / Hand / Body Coordination – how the muscles of your body respond to the information gathered by your eyes.
  5. Visual Memory – awareness of surroundings.
  6. Visualization – picturing yourself making the play.
  7. Peripheral Vision
  8. Visual Reaction Time
  9. Depth Perception

It has been proven that developing these skills will enhance or improve an athlete’s performance in their sport.

As you can see, sports vision plays a vital role in protection and performance for all athletes of all ages.

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